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Induction and benefits

In accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and values, Norske Skog Golbey wishes to offer its employees the best possible working conditions. As a result of that commitment, innovative labour management is part and parcel of the HR policy of the company.

Thus, operations that boost morale and improve the feeling of wellbeing at work are regularly organised:

  • “I like my company” operations: “Living my life”, interdepartmental meals, cross discovery of departments etc.
  • HR support: a day of attendance per month of the Human Resources department in the field (eight hours, discussion and support etc.)
  • Wellbeing at work: training in recovery techniques, relaxation therapy, Happy Together workgroups, with conviviality, respect, politeness and trust
  • Wellbeing when together and in the community: coaching in wellbeing and sport, participation in local events (telethon, inter-company sports, tickets for shows and matches of the Epinal football club), support for company sports teams.

An induction programme for newcomers

Because induction is as important as recruitment, we have created a complete programme for newcomers. It enables new staff to better know their environment and feel at home rapidly.

  • implementation of an induction tour to discover all the departments of the company
  • appointment of a mentor

Many other benefits of note, including:

  • Works council
  • Company clubs: golf, motorcycling
  • Company canteen
  • Voluntary/mandatory profit sharing bonus
  • Housing grants (member of 1% housing scheme), company savings plan
  • Personal insurance/Top-up health insurance for all with contribution by the employer