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Innovation & development

Innovation to serve the development of our business

For several years, Norske Skog Golbey has been working on the development of new activities relating to its core business: the making of newsprint

We are rooted in our region and work in close collaboration with local authorities, financiers, laboratories and educational and research centres or other industrial businesses.

Three areas of activity have been identified: eco-materials, green chemistry and energy.

Several projects have already taken concrete form in each of these areas:

  • Work on eco-materials: installation of Pavatex
  • Green chemicals: LBS, Revacoppa and Bioskog
  • Energy: construction of a biogas plant.
  • Other projects are currently under study.

The objectives of the approach are many, and are consistent with the CSR commitments:

  • Reinforcement of our contribution to the circular economy
  • Valuation of co-products and by-products
  • Boosting the local industrial fabric
  • Increase in revenue thanks to equipment and infrastructure, know-how and co-products
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Biogas plant in Golbey

The sodding ceremony for the construction of the Golbey biogas plant was done on July 13th with representatives from the press, investors and French politicians present.

The plant will be connected to the biological-chemical treatment plant and be dimensioned to absorb all organic waste from the paper production in order to produce biogas. The plant is expected to be at full operation during 2018 and represents an investment of €7.1m.

Not only will the project provide us new incomes, but it also has many other advantages:

  • Reduction of our carbon footprint and fossil CO2 emissions.
  • Recycling of the organic waste in line with our circular economy approach.
  • Reduction of the electric consumption and chemical products used to treat the effluents.
  • Project in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility approach and our commitments in favor of the environment.
  • Support of the French government in favor of bio-energy plants.

Photo (from left to right): B. Jourdain (Vice-President – Departmental Council of the Vosges), S. Ombudstvedt (CEO Norske Skog), Y. Bailly (CEO Norske Skog Golbey), M. Heinrich (MP and Mayor of Epinal), J. Vo Huu Lê (Deputy-Prefect of the Vosges department), P. Larrière (Deputy Mayor – City of Golbey)