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Our partners

Public sector

Municipality of Epinal: www.epinal.fr
Vosges Departmental council/Ambassadors of the Vosges: www.vosges.fr
Epinal tourist office: www.tourisme-epinal.com
Vosges Chamber of Commerce: www.vosges.cci.fr/
Lorraine Chamber of Commerce: www.lorraine.cci.fr/
Vosges Chamber of Trades and Crafts: www.cma-vosges.fr/
Direccte 88: www.grand-est.direccte.gouv.fr/Vosges
ADEME: http://www.ademe.fr/

Industry organisations and bodies

French union of cardboard, paper and cellulose industries, Copacel: www.copacel.fr
Citeo : www.citeo.com
Culture papier: www.culture-papier.com
Two Sides: www.twosides.info
Print Power: www.printpower.fr
French forestry department: www.onf.fr
Plantons pour l’avenir: www.plantonspourlavenir.org

Research and innovation:

Epinal Fibre Cluster: www.polefibres.fr
Inter-industry group for the promotion of the timber economy in Lorraine: www.gipeblor.com
Engineering school specialised in timber technologies and industries: www.enstib.fr
FCBA Technology Institute: www.fcba.fr
Centre Technique du Papier (CTP): www.webctp.com
IAR centre: www.iar-pole.com
Lermab – University of Lorraine: www.lermab.univ-lorraine.fr
IPHC – University of Strasbourg: http://www.iphc.cnrs.fr/

Paper industry trades and training:

Paper Apprenticeship Centre in Gérardmer: www.cfa-papetier.com
Pagora engineering school in Grenoble: www.pagora.grenoble-inp.fr
Monitoring and forecasting for trades and qualifications: www.lesindustriespapierscartons.org


Norske Skog group: www.norskeskog.com
Pavatex, producer of insulating wood fibre boards(Soprema group): www.soprema.fr
Harmonic Pharma laboratory: www.harmonicpharma.com
MGE transport company: www.transports-mge.com
Eurorail: www.eurorail.eu
Vosj’innove: www.vosjinnove.fr
Arbiom: www.arbiom.com
Heinrich & Bock: www.heinrich-bock.com