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Service & Quality

Our staff at the service of quality

In order to maintain the quality of our newsprint, we also take on board the needs of our customers and endeavour to create a climate of exchange and trust.


A newsprint manufacturer close to its customers

At the crossroads of major European countries, our paper mill enjoys a singular location close to major printing facilities. In order to deliver reels of flawless quality on time to customers, our logistics staff are continuously looking for the most suitable solutions for meeting tight schedules. In order to improve the management of flows, significant investment was made in our finished products warehouse in 2014 to automate the handling of paper reels.

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Technical support for your needs

Our quality technicians and engineers are the indispensable links between customers and our production staff. In order to guarantee high customer satisfaction and product quality, we have put in place internal product quality audits. They help make the quality of our newsprint reels reliable and consistent, with a focus on improvement. These audits provide an opportunity to ensure compliance with all the points in the requirements at all stages of manufacturing, finishing and shipment. They also offer an opportunity to share the feedback from customers with the operators. Besides, for the operators, they are a source of additional motivation for the proper fulfilment of their tasks.

Quality and customer staff also provide advice to our partners and to users. They help them optimise their printed products and provide valuable support to the after-sales network of Norske Skog.

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