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Management of water and atmospheric discharge

Responsible and sustainable management of water and atmospheric discharge from the manufacturing process

As part of our responsibility approach, we are committed to controlling our emissions. That also forms integral part of our environment-related CSR commitments.

Newsprint manufacturing requires the use of large quantities of water. That is because paper pulp is made of 99% water and 1% fibres. Norske Skog Golbey abstracts water from a gravel pit. After use for our manufacturing processes, it is treated in our water treatment plant. 81% of the abstracted water is given back to the Moselle river. The rest either escapes into the atmosphere or is used to manufacture paper.

Before it is discharged in the Moselle river, the water is recycled as much as possible within the production process itself. For example, 30% of the water from the treatment plant is put back into the circuits.

As a responsible paper manufacturer, we need to control the quality of our emissions. That is why they are continuously monitored by sensors, and undergo daily testing in our laboratory. Approved independent outside bodies also test supplementary parameters and validate our internal inspections.


Twice a year, an outside laboratory carries out tests in order to calculate the “standardised overall biotic index” (IBGN). This is an overall score of the biological quality of an ecosystem. Since 1991, monitoring has shown that our emissions have no impact on the quality of the Moselle.

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