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Paper manufacturing

Manufacturing of high-quality newsprint

In order to ensure that our customers are satisfied, we pay close attention to the manufacturing and traceability of our newsprint reels.

Our plant has two paper machines, commissioned in January 1992 and January 1999, which are among the most modern and the most efficient in the world.

Every 24 hours, 4,300 km newsprint is made by our two machines, which is the distance between Golbey and the North Cape.

Approximately 45 jumbo reels of newsprint are produced every day. 


Forming the sheet, pressing and drying it are the fundamental stages in the paper manufacturing process as it was invented 2000 years ago in China. We continue to use that process, but with the support of particularly modern techniques and plant…

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Responsible newsprint production under close quality surveillance

The quality of the pulp and reels manufactured is closely monitored in order to make sure that each customer is supplied with paper that meets his requirements. Inspections are carried out

  • inline, with sensors distributed over the paper machines,
  • on the finished product itself, since a sample is taken from each jumbo reel and taken away for testing and analysis at our laboratory.

Each smaller reel is identified by a label that allows optimum traceability, both in the plant and after delivery to customers. Customers can also easily obtain essential information about the reels: basis weight, width etc. Barcodes make stock management easier. Thanks to individual identification, if ever a reel is found to be unsatisfactory, we can reconstruct the circumstances in which it was made; that allows a better quality diagnosis.