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Raw materials and pulp manufacturing

From raw materials to pulp manufacturing

The paper pulp used for making our newsprint is also manufactured at Norske Skog Golbey. The pulp that goes into making our paper reels is derived from wood and recovered paper, thus including new and recycled fibres. Producing our own paper pulp gives us greater flexibility in the management of procurements and the quality of our finished product.

Manufacturing of wood pulp


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The wood we use for manufacturing our newsprint is made exclusively from the by-products of sustainable forest management. Wood is a natural and renewable raw material, supplying the paper industry with the cellulose fibres required for making paper. The addition of new fibres is indispensable in the papermaking circuit, because fibres get damaged as they are repeatedly recycled, and no longer make it possible to form high-quality sheets and reels or paper.

In accordance with its CSR approach, we use wood sourced from local forests. The purchase of by-products offers significant support to the regional economy and local forest and sawmill operators.

On demand, we can manufacture newsprint with PEFCTM and FSC® certification.

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Manufacturing of recycled paper pulp



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Thanks to collection circuits, recovered paper is given a new lease of life when it is recycled. In that way, it can be reused in the manufacturing of new products such as newsprint. In its turn, the newsprint can be recycled.

To manufacture our newsprint, we recycle 500,000 tonnes of newspapers, magazines and advertising leaflets every year. That is the equivalent of the sorted paper waste of a third of the population of France. By buying recovered paper from local governments, we offer them a solution that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly for managing their waste.

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