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Governance and economy

CSR governance to support the economy and the sustainability
of the company

As a newsprint manufacturer, we are continually looking to improve our overall efficiency in order to become a sustainable, profitable and reliable company.

Impacts on the community and company management

CSR commitment: Taking account of our social impacts in the governance and management of the company


Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into our governance is indispensable for the effective internal deployment of the approach. It makes it possible to concretely and operationally apply the requirements of sustainable development:

  • Applying our CSR baseline to all our activities so that each and every employee feels involved in the approach.
  • Promoting the principles and practices of CSR internally and externally with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, local governmental authorities, partners and general public).
  • Maintaining dialogue with our stakeholders is a key requirement in order to make our commitment credible and work together to add to our CSR action plan.