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Being a responsible employer

A company that is committed to CSR must first of all set an example by being a responsible employer. That is why Norske Skog Golbey has decided to put people at the heart of its development by offering its employees:

  • Favourable employment conditions
  • A healthy and safe working environment
  • The opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.

Independence and responsibility

CSR commitment: Developing autonomy and responsibility in the company

The R.A.C.E. operational model adopted by us is supported by three pillars that describe the expected behavior:

  • Responsibility and Autonomy
  • Culture of consequence
  • Entrepreneurship

In concrete terms, we want to develop a positive state of mind that is conducive to high motivation and employee development.

Health and Safety Policy

Being a responsible paper manufacturer means we have to protect the health and safety of our people. That is our first priority, and is supported by this statement, which features prominently in the introduction to our Health & Safety policy: “No task is so urgent, and no job so important, that it cannot be done safely”.

The general principle is based on the implementation of preventive action to make all our staff more aware and more responsible in risky situations. Many tools are in use to achieve that end:

  • Risk analyses and behaviour-based audits.
  • Development of the autonomy of teams, with the suggestion and application of quarterly initiatives to improve their safety.
  • Safety contacts in the field.
  • The implementation of a programme based on relaxation therapy and vigilance for shift workers (staggered working hours).

Human Resources Policy

“Putting the focus on people for more efficiency” is the main concern of our Human Resources policy, steered by our HR Department. Concretely, that means:

  • Recognising that the qualities of the women and men in our BU are its greatest assets.
  • Creating a balanced relationship: being responsive, giving more autonomy, meaning and skills so as to secure strong commitment in return, in order to drive individual and collective performance.
  • Protecting the rights of all the people in the company, while making sure they discharge their duties.

As a responsible employer, we have thus put in place a number of measures such as:

  • An agreement relating to workplace equality between the sexes has been signed with the unions. Four areas of action were selected: training, promotion, effective remuneration and work/life balance.
  • Implementation of a recognition system that is visible to and accepted by all.
  • Training managers in responsiveness, benevolence, autonomy and recognition.

Continual improvement

Since 2010, a Lean Management approach is deployed by NSG in the form of Kaizen projects: over several days, employees from different departments and organisational levels take part in a multidisciplinary workgroup with the task of reducing costs and optimising the performance of their workshop.

One of the successful Lean Management projects

Employability of staff

CSR commitment: Developing the employability of each employee

As a responsible paper manufacturer, we believe it is crucial for each employee to secure employability throughout their career, for internal development or with other employers if the need or opportunity arises. That is why our training plan is designed so as to enable our staff to keep learning, develop their skills and secure recognition of their skills and experience.