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Reinforcing our competitiveness and creating shared value

As a major player in the newsprint industry of Western Europe, we want to enhance our influence in the economic and social life of the local area. We also want to promote our efforts towards our stakeholders, particularly our customers and suppliers.

Participation in local development

CSR commitment: making our activity part of a dynamic for the social and economic prosperity of the local area

We have decided to base some of the development of our competitiveness on the creation of shared value in the Community:

  • economic value, by setting up a local industrial ecology approach around the Green Valley cluster. The whole approach of a local industrial ecology relies on the pooling of assets, material flows and energy connected with papermaking. These synergies go hand in hand with competitiveness for newcomers in industry. Work on the Green Valley approach will continue through the development of an ‘Ecopark’ and an increase of the energy production capacity of the site. The Green Valley concept has already won the First Prize in the Circular Economy category at the Enterprises and Environment awards of 2014. That competition is organised by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy in partnership with ADEME.
  • social value, through our involvement in a number of events and organisations in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • For example, partnerships with the Football club of Epinal for its valuable work with young people, the FACE Vosges club that combats exclusion, of which we are a founding member, and the Youth and Enterprise organisation etc.
    • Participation in a variety of events such as the Open Days in Lorraine during Industry Week, meetings between students and businesses etc.
    • Throughout the year, we receive tours of groups from schools and universities to help them better understand the world of work and industry.

To boost the dynamic of that movement of social responsibility and local industrial ecology, we actively promote it, particularly through our work in many local, voluntary and private networks.

CSR in our relationships with suppliers

CSR commitment: Integrating social responsibility in the choice and tracking of suppliers

We want to promote our CSR approach through the entire value chain, particularly with suppliers. Our objective is to give them incentive to develop responsible practices along with us.

To that end, we have taken on a certain number of commitments towards our suppliers, and we clearly state that in return, we have expectations from them. These aspects are being incorporated into our purchasing guidelines, and will gradually become criteria for supplier selection alongside cost and quality criteria.

Commitments to our suppliers and subcontractors

  • Ethics: Integrity, anti-corruption, management of conflicts of interest
  • Fairness and openness
  • Analysis of dependency risks
  • Confidentiality

Our expectations from our suppliers and subcontractors

  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Fight against forced labour and child labour
  • Compliance with our health & safety policy
  • Compliance with our environment policy
  • Labour responsibility: commitment of the company in the sphere of labour, for example by taking action to promote diversity or make access to employment easier

Responsible products and services

CSR commitment: Offering products and services that are socially and environmentally responsible

We are keenly aware of our responsibility and wish to offer our customers responsible products and services. That is why we have decided to secure a certain number of certifications:

  • Our quality management system has ISO 9001 certification since 2002.
  • Our environment management system is certified according to the standard ISO 14001 since 1998.
  • Our energy management system is certified according to the standard ISO 50001 since 2016.
  • We use wood from sustainably managed local forests and we have put in place procedures to inspect our procurements and have secured certification for our chain of custody. We can thus deliver PEFC™ and FSC® certified paper to our customers. Besides, our products bear the European Ecolabel and Blue Angel certification.