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Who are we?

A responsible and leading

European newsprint producer

Located close to Epinal in the Vosges region (France), Norske Skog Golbey is one of the plants of the Norwegian paper manufacturing group Norske Skog As the leading newsprint production facility in Western Europe, Norske Skog Golbey has the ambition to maintain an efficient core business, while showing creativity and dynamism to identify and develop levers for growth in the area of bio-sourced products and the bio-economy.

Corporate responsibility

Norske Skog has signed the UN Global Compact initiated in 1999, and has decided to respect human rights and labour rights, protect the environment and combat corruption. In line with the policy of its parent group, Norske Skog Golbey has been proactively developing a corporate responsibility strategy for several years. Based on ISO 26000, this approach addresses sustainable development objectives through corporate social responsibility.

“Social responsibility is not just for major corporations, and we have everything to gain from this dynamic, which will make us more competitive, innovative and attractive. Over time, it must become an unavoidable dimension for the management of Norske Skog Golbey and our employees, and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.” Yves Bailly, Chairman & Managing Director of Norske Skog Golbey.

High paper quality recognised across Europe

Thanks to the knowledge of all our employees and their dedication to their factory and jobs, our annual production capacity is 600,000 tonnes of newsprint for newspapers and advertising brochures, achieving quality standards that are recognised by the main European publishers and printers.

Our two paper machines, commissioned in 1992 and 1999, are among the most recent and efficient in Europe. They function optimally to manufacture our pulp and paper, on a site where resources and waste are identified and controlled.

An innovation strategy that is open to the bio-economy

Our experience and involvement in the wood industry and recycling have led us to turn towards bio-sourced products and the bio-economy, and thus address our economic, social and environmental goals. The focus is on three sectors of activity: eco-materials, plant chemistry and green energy.

Our approach to innovation consists in creating value from one or more ecosystems that are already in existence or need to be built. To that end, we are leveraging our internal know-how and assets, and supplementing them by developing initiatives open to our stakeholders, suppliers and competitiveness clusters. That is why we are engaging in collaborative projects that foster innovation and eventually create employment.

A company rooted in its community

The value of a company is not measured merely by its financial performance, but also by the positive contribution of its activity to society at large. That is why the ecosystem of Norske Skog Golbey extends well beyond its own walls; the company is firmly rooted in its region and environment, and takes account of the impact of its activity on the ecosystem, its sphere of influence, and long-term issues. That sense of responsibility enables it to better face its challenges at the present time (climate, procurements, need for transparency etc.) and the expectations of its stakeholders, which are increasing in these areas.

Besides, as a member of the “Ambassadors of the Vosges” network, Norske Skog Golbey is very active in its area, aiming to bring together its employees, meet new partners, create value, heighten its profile and raise the awareness of its businesses and values. That is achieved by supporting a number of social and cultural events and voluntary organisations (Telethon, SAS Football Epinal, Face Vosges, les Imaginales, the Images Festival etc.) and also by passing the baton to younger generations (partnerships with the paper industry apprentices centre of Gérardmer, the International Paper, Printed Communication and Bio-Materials school INP-PAGORA in Grenoble, tours of our facility by school children).

 A few figures…

Value of the site in 2018
0 people
Average workforce in 2017

… and some dates

  1. 08/1989

    Démarrage du terrassement

  2. 06/1990

    Pose de la première pierre

  3. 01/1992

    Démarrage PM1

  4. 01/1999

    Démarrage PM2

  5. 05/12/2002

    Obtention de la certification ISO 9001

  6. 14/03/2005

    Obtention de la certification ISO 14001

  7. 2006

    Passage d’un statut de site de production à celui de business unit autonome

  8. 26/02/2008

    Obtention de la certification PEFC™

  9. 2010

    Relance de la démarche d’amélioration continue et notamment des chantiers Kaizen

  10. 15/05/2010

    Obtention de la certification FSC®

  11. 2010-11

    Initiation des projets d’ouverture (Green Valley, Plasticendres, LBS…)

  12. 2012

    Démarrage de la démarche RSE

  13. 20/02/2013

    Obtention de la certification Blue Angel

  14. 26/06/2013

    Obtention de la certification Ecolabel

  15. 2013-14

    Automatisation de la gestion des expéditions

  16. 2014

    Obtention du Grand Prix Economie Circulaire pour le concept de Green Valley.

  17. 11/2015

    Médaille d’or, catégorie « Dimension Environnementale » dans le cadre du concours national « Nuit de la RSE ».

  18. 2016

    Seconde place dans la catégorie « Premier rapport RSE » dans le cadre du concours international Corporate Registrer Reporting Awards (CRRA)

  19. 13/07/2016

    Pose de la première pierre de la future unité de production de biogaz.

  20. 26/11/2016

    Obtention de la certification ISO 50001

  21. 28/06/2018

    Inauguration de l’unité de production de biogaz


For more information, download our 2018 CSR report 

2018 CSR report