November 2022: works at Norske Skog Golbey are progressing

While our Departmental Council has begun its work on the RD 166A road to build a roundabout leading directly to the future Ecopark, our mill is also undergoing its first works:

Our mill is in full evolution

Our mill has been undergoing a number of works, since May 2022, to:

  • Secure access to the construction sites;
  • Expand our visitors’ parking lot to allow our service providers to park inside our site;
  • Install our service providers in site bungalows offering comfort and convenience;
  • Building the foundations of our future paperboard reel storage building (PPO);
  • Replace the first settling tank of our effluent treatment plant (new Biogas plant);

Other elements will be modified in the near future:

  • The development of our steam production facilities (Boiler n°2);
  • The transformation of our oldest paper machine (PM1);
  • Adaptation of the raw material storage areas;
  • Modification of the pulp production workshops.

Some pictures at the water treatment plant:

Some pictures of the foundation work for the future storage building:

40 second timelaps