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A diversity of trades at NSG

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a paper manufacturing mill does not only require people specialised in paper manufacturing trades. But they all need know-how and technical skills.

Of course, the skills of our workers, machine operators and paper engineers are indispensable to our core business. But they exist alongside a very diverse range of trades and areas: purchasing, energy, environment, finance, laboratory, logistics, maintenance, marketing, HR, sales, continual improvement etc.

At the same time, our bio-economy projects (plant chemistry, eco-materials and renewable energy) mean that we need to incorporate new trades.

More about the trades of paper manufacturing

Induction and benefits

In accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and values, Norske Skog Golbey wishes to offer its employees the best possible working conditions. Thus, our employees are offered a number of benefits from the time they are inducted into the company.

  • Induction programme
  • Because induction is as important as recruitment, we have set up a complete programme for newcomers. It enables new staff to better know their environment and feel at home rapidly.
    • Implementation of an induction tour to discover all the departments of the company
    • Appointment of a sponsor
  • Benefits for employees
    • Works council
    • Company clubs: golf, motorcycling
    • Company canteen
    • Voluntary/mandatory profit sharing bonuses
    • Housing grants (member of 1 % housing scheme), company savings plan
    • Personal insurance/top-up health insurance for all with contribution by the employer
    • Bonus with a financial incentive to employees who use bicycles for commuting and those who are part of a car pool
    • Coaching in well-being and sport
  • Organisation of regular and occasional operations:
    • HR support: one month a day of attendance of the Human Resources department in the field (eight hours, discussion and support etc.)
    • Participation in local events: Telethon, inter-company sports events, seats for SAS Football Epinal matches etc.

Please feel free to reply to our job offers or put in a speculative job application (CV + cover letter).

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Epinal, a little urban centre at the heart of the Vosges

Epinal is the capital of the Vosges district, a small city with some 35,000 inhabitants. It is well served in terms of transport (high-speed rail station, less than two hours by road from major airports and a little bit more than two hours by train from Paris), and lies not far from the urban centres of Nancy, Metz, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. Services offered to families are worthy of large cities, combined with a high quality of life and attractive housing conditions.

Epinal also has a culture of arts and paper – everybody knows the Images of Epinal – well-conserved historic districts with colourful fronts and many green spaces. Set close to major spa centres, it offers wellbeing and relaxation to its inhabitants.

The city is surrounded by forests and lakes, and provides many opportunities for discovering its exceptional natural environment. It is dynamic in the areas of culture and sport, and is also an economic hub in its region.