Training and placements

Support and training

We are keen to keep our staff well trained, and so are happy to receive trainees and young people with work and study contracts.

Throughout the year, we also receive trainees from different schools with all levels of qualification; on average, we have some twenty holders of work and study contracts.

The work and study programmes extend from school level to engineering and higher education in a variety of fields: production and maintenance, logistics, and also management and administration (HR, accounting, management control, sales etc.)

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The benefits of working for Norske Skog Golbey

As a trainee:

  • Use of the company canteen, with contribution by the employer
  • Access to the social and cultural activities offered by the works council
  • Subject to conditions and the length of the placement, the employer may contribute to transport costs
  • Subject to conditions and only for placements lasting more than two months, the employer may contribute to housing costs
  • Placement allowance if the placement exceeds one month and one day.

Work and study contract holders:

  • Higher remuneration than the legal one for work and study contracts.
  • A 13th month bonus and vacation bonus.
  • Possibility of assistance (under conditions): transport costs, accommodation, meals (on-site company restaurant), bike or car sharing bonuses, profit sharing.
  • Access to the social and cultural activities offered by the works council: holiday vouchers, culture vouchers, various discounts (cinema, swimming pool, concerts, holiday rentals …)
  • Two sports associations; a sports coaching program at 60 euros / year.
  • 80% of the contribution to the supplementary health insurance for the basic contract paid by the company.
  • +5 days paid vacation the last year of the study to prepare the exams.