Storage and shipment

Management of storage and shipments to ensure quality

The storage and shipment of our paper reels are an important step in our process. That is why the management of flows and the protection of finished products are key concerns for us.

0 trains/week
5 trains leave the factory every week
rail-road ratio
0,5 km
of railway track on the site
0 tonnes/day
(average shipped quantity)

In September 2013, Norske Skog Golbey initiated the automation of its reel storage and shipment warehouse. The system was installed gradually, requiring considerable work, and investment worth close to € 5 million. Today, a fleet of 12 automatically-guided vehicles manage the handling of our reels. The benefits are many:

  • more safety for our operators
  • zero damage to reels
  • controlled and uninterrupted flows
  • lower costs