Partner of the wood industry

In order to produce newsprint, Norske Skog Golbey uses the following every year:

  • 500,000 tonnes of recovered papers
  • 250,000 dry tonnes of wood in the form of sawmill chips and thinning roundwood.

The chips and roundwood are sourced from responsibly managed forests, mainly from the northeastern quarter of France. The use of wood, which is indispensable for the renewal of virgin fibres in the paper circuit, also contributes to the economic exploitation and maintenance of forests, and makes the wood industry in northeastern France dynamic and sustainable. The use of wood thus helps the economic development of the local territory.

Our commitments

As a socially responsible company, Norske Skog Golbey is an active partner of the wood industry:

  • we strongly encourage forest owners to manage their woodlands sustainably and have them certified.
  • we are closely involved with industry bodies and take part in defining the strategic choices that will determine the future of forestry resources.

Besides, we also contribute to the protection and renewal of forest resources along with two reconstitution funds:

  • the aid fund for coniferous resource reconstitution (FA3R). It supports private owners and seeks to encourage the reforesting of land, particularly with coniferous trees in the Vosges Mountains.
  • the Plantons pour l’Avenir endowment fund. Its aim is to promote reforesting in France as part of a sustainable management approach. It supports forest owners in reforestation operations, and helps develop innovative forestry management techniques. It also promotes the awareness of the role of forests among the public.

We buy: 

Newsprint manufacturing:

  • TMP wood chips (for thermomechanical pulp) – species: fir and spruce (170 kT of dry chips per year)
  • TMP roundwood (for thermomechanical pulp) – species: fir and spruce (100 kT of dry wood per year)

Douglas fir may possibly be accepted, subject to a maximum of 10 %

Energy wood:

For the purposes of our boiler, we buy 140 kT of non-hazardous waste wood every year. The steam produced is particularly used by the paper making process and for generating green electricity after it goes through a 12.5 MW turbine.

As a responsible paper manufacturer, we make it necessary for our wood purchases to comply with our requirements in terms of quality and environment protection. Tests on the samples taken from the lorries bringing materials to our mill enable us to check that the products are conforming. Traceability is also required, so as to guarantee the origin of the wood (and certifications, where necessary), and certification of sustainability.

In future, depending on the diversification projects that will be initiated, particularly in the areas of plant chemistry, we will probably buy other species of woods, such as that from deciduous trees.

Working with Norske Skog Golbey provides many benefits to forest operators and sawmills:

  • Regular removal of wood (roundwood or chips). The storage platform on our production site allows us to receive wood over and above the needs of our production chain.
  • High consumption potential
  • Logistics expertise: if needed and if our partners ask for it, we have the ability to manage the transport of roundwood and chips.

Selecting Norske Skog Golbey for exploiting wood also means electing to work with a responsible paper manufacturer who creates local jobs and is keen to protect the environment.

For more information about our social policy, please click here.

For more information, please view our environmental commitments by clicking here.

We sell: 

We are rooted in our region and keen to promote the wood industry and have decided to share our know-how of wood purchasing with other companies and bodies.

Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we can address the needs of other companies and organisations, essentially by supplying them with wood for industry and energy. Thus, we supply chips, and the bark used for the manufacturing finished products or for generating energy in boiler systems.

As an example of such synergy, one could think of Pavatex, a company for which we buy the wood they use as the raw material that goes into the making of insulating fibreboard panels.

Working with Norske Skog Golbey enables our partners to benefit from:

  • the capacity of two storage platforms (located in the Haute-Saône region)
  • our purchasing strength and our experience in the procurement of wood for industrial purposes
  • our knowledge of the market and our close involvement in the wood industry.
For more information, contact the Wood Purchasing team