The Norske Skog Golbey guarantees

Today, more than 250 French local authorities trust us to recycle the paper they collect and sort. Here are the recovering & recycling guarantees we can offer you!


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Norske Skog Golbey offers you its 30 years of expertise in paper recycling so that you can benefit from a profitable package in the sector. This gives you a clear and long-term view of your revenues.

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Your waste is our resource, our raw material. Our industrial process gives you the best guarantee that your sorted paper will not be burnt or sent to landfill!

All the paper from your selective waste collection is sent to our paper mill, where it is given a new life as paper! 

As a final recycler, our doors are open to our partners and we can demonstrate that we recycle all the quantities we buy at our mill!

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Waste paper is our only raw material for making newsprint and OCC will be our only raw material for making our containerboard.

A continuous supply is essential for the smooth running of our paper mill! This also constitutes a guarantee for you.

  • With a daily requirement of 1,200 tonnes of recovered paper and 1,700 tonnes of OCC, you can be sure that your paper and corrugated material will be accepted!
  • Our need for raw materials is constant, as our mill operates 24/7 to produce recycled newsprint and containerboard.
  • To store these quantities, we have a 27,000 m² storage warehouse for recovered paper and 41,000 m² for OCC.

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Choose a turnkey logistics solution!

Benefit from the strength of our logistics network, created over 10 years ago through our subsidiary NorFibre Logistics. Its role is to organise and rationalise inbound and outbound flows to avoid unnecessary journeys, secure capacity, ensure transport traceability and ensure compliance with contractual criteria such as deadlines and punctuality.

Compliance with deadlines

Secure paper withdrawals

Optimised journeys

Total traceability throughout the value chain

Optimised transport costs

Use greener transport

Subject to certain conditions, as an alternative to traditional road transport you can have access to:

  • Lorries powered by alternative energy sources with drivers trained in eco-driving.
  • The option (subject to certain conditions) of using the train transport! Our site houses a 12,000 m² bimodal platform managed by our partner Eurorail, and we are working with them to develop rail supplies.

Transport thus becomes a way for you to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the paper you sort!

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We share your goals: increasing the tonnages collected, improving quality, promoting recycling and ensuring the long-term future of the recycling and paper industry.

Thanks to the Norlink portal, our software for managing recycled paper supply flows, you gain a clear and real-time view of the quantities accepted and the revenues mobilised. Via the portal, you can supervise all your joint activities with Norske Skog Golbey!

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