Quality at the heart of our processes

To ensure the customers receive paper that meets their needs, we respect a Quality Policy and carry out checks throughout the supply, manufacturing and delivery chain. Moreover, our Quality Technicians help our customers to optimise their printing, follow the trials and monitor the quality of the paper.

Production quality

The manufacturing process for newsprint reels is marked by quality controls. Norske Skog Golbey has a Quality and Process Improvement department made up of 17 people, who ensure the compliance and the quality of our finished products.

  • From the production of the paper pulp, our in-house laboratory carries out numerous analyses (fibre lengths, whiteness, etc.).

  • Controls are carried out directly on the production line using sensors distributed across the paper machines

  • A sample is systematically taken from each mother reel for testing and analysis.

  • A final visual check is carried out by the winder operators before the reel is packaged (only the newsprint reels) and sent to the customer.

The quality of our raw material: a major priority

Every year, Norske Skog Golbey buys and recycles 450,000 tonnes of waste paper for its newsprint production. From 2024, we will also consume 610,000 tonnes of old corrugated containers for our containerboard production.

To meet our newsprint production requirements, this waste paper must consist exclusively of newspapers, magazines and leaflets. Unfortunately, since 2017, we have seen a deterioration in the quality of our raw material. It contains too many non-fibrous materials (plastic, metal, glass, staples, sand, etc.).

To avoid reducing the final quality of our products, our Procurement department has had to adapt by regularly communicating with our suppliers in coordination with production and the quality department. We therefore changed our specifications in 2021 to take this deterioration in quality into account. This work seems to be paying off.

At the same time, we continue to work alongside waste operators, local authorities and public organisations to explain to the general public how to sort their waste, and we take part in many awareness-raising operations.

Traceability and delivery quality

The traceability of our finished products is ensured by labels enabling them to be identified. This gives our customers essential information about the reels: weight, grammage, width, etc.

The barcode can become a valuable help in managing their stock.

Finally, if a reel is not fully satisfactory, this code allows us to identify the circumstances of its production and to find out why.


Our paper mill operates according to the quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14 001) and energy (ISO 50 001) management systems. These certifications assure our customers and stakeholders that we are monitoring and measuring our performance, identifying risks and working to improve our results.

Our daily work to improve our environmental performance has also been recognised with prestigious certifications and labels.