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Standard newsprint: NorNews

NorNews is a standard newsprint available on reels for coldset web offset (CSWO) printing. It is often used for the printing of newspapers, advertising supplements and directories.

NorNews: product benefits

Excellent printability and runnability

Product stability

Recognised by the most prestigious printers in Europe

Technical information

Printing method

Coldset web offset


IFRA26.txt (ISOnewspaper26v4.icc / ISO12647-3:2015)

Raw material

100% recycled fibres

Reel width

From 385 to 2860 mm (< 385 mm only on request)

Reel diameter

From 1060 to 1500 mm


76 and 150 mm

Storage and handling

Humidity in the storage area: 50%.

Temperature in the storage area: between 19 and 23°C.

In case of non-air conditionned storage area, a stabilisation period of 48 hours is required in the print room.

Please open the protective wrapping just before using the reel.

Technical characteristics

Grammageg/m2ISO 53640424548,8*
ThicknessµmISO 53454576166
Densitykg/m²ISO 534740740740740
Bulkcm3/gISO 5341.351.351.351.35
Roughness (PPS 1Mpa)µmISO 8791-
Brightness, ISO C/2″%ISO 247057575757
Opacity%ISO 247193949596
L* C/2″ISO 563182828282
a* C/2″ISO 5631-1,1-1,1-1,1-1,1
b* C/2″ISO 56315,35,35,35,3

Indicative values subject to production variations
*Only on request

Sample request

Unprinted samples (A4)

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