Our ambitions for the future

We make every effort to adapt to global developments by taking concrete actions in line with our vision and ensuring the sustainability of our mill.

In order to adapt to changes in the newsprint and packaging markets and to meet the new consumption habits, we have taken the following strategic decisions:

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Change our newsprint composition to 100% recycled fibres

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Convert one of our two machines to produce containerboard

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These decisions are part of our strategy, which itself is aligned with that of the Norske Skog group. It is based on three primary themes and three additional themes:

Three primary themes

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Remaining a leader in our historic market, the newsprint industry

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Diversifying our activities into the recycled containerboard market

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Developing approaches focused on circular economy, renewable energy and industrial ecology

Three additional themes

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Cultivating the skills of our employees through training and development

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Contributing to the dynamism of our local area

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Communicating with our stakeholders

Our priority challenges

In cooperation with our internal and external stakeholders, we have identified our priorities with the aim of guaranteeing the sustainability of our mill, the access to resources, limiting our environmental footprint and increasing the attractiveness of our company.