Norske Skog, an industrial group that has become a world leader

Founded in 1962, the Norske Skog group is a world leader in the graphic paper industry. It is now diversifying into other activities, such as the production of packaging papers and the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products.


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5 mills in 4 countries

Norske Skog is a Norwegian paper group founded in 1962 by a group of forest landowners. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the company grew rapidly in Norway during the 1980s. A period of international expansion followed, including the construction of the first site outside Norway – in Golbey, in 1990 – and the establishment of the group in Australia and New Zealand in 2000.

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Sales offices and agents

Norske Skog has four in-house sales offices and works with a network of agents providing a local presence in all markets.
Sales offices across Europe

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2,140 employees

Today, the group has over 2,100 employees across all its mills in Europe and Australia.

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1.7 million tonnes in 2022

Norske Skog has a total production capacity of 1.7 million tonnes of publication paper as of 2022, making it one of the world leaders in this field. Norske Skog manufactures several types of newsprint, magazine and packaging paper in its mills. Publication paper is mainly used for printing newspapers and magazines, but also catalogues, inserts/leaflets, supplements, free newspapers, directories, direct mail, brochures, etc. Packaging paper consists mainly of containerboard sold to corrugators for the production of corrugated sheets and then boxes, crates, displays, etc.

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€275 million

Norske Skog is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the code NSKOG. In 2022, it achieved an EBITDA of NOK 3,105 million (approx. €275 million)

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A sustainable group committed to a better world

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Our group takes environmental and social issues very seriously. It relies on its three fundamental values ​​of openness, honesty and cooperation to manage its Business Units.

Sustainable development guides all our group’s decisions. Its vision is “We create green value”, which we could also express as “being a driving force for a more sustainable world”. Its ambitions are spread across three major themes

  • Remain a sustainable supplier of in the graphic paper industry

  • Become a recognised supplier of recycled packaging paper

  • Diversify and innovate in the fields of fibres and energy

Norske Skog – Code of Conduct

Ethics at the heart of our professional relationships

Norske Skog’s goal is to be a reliable partner for all its stakeholders. It defines the organisation, governance and role of each of its Business Units based on an operational model and a best practice guide. It guarantees fair competition and compliance with anti-corruption and anti-fraud laws.

All Norske Skog group employees must respect these standards and work in compliance with ethics and the law. There is zero tolerance for behaviour considered to be non-compliant. The group adheres to the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.