Paper recycling

What are the different steps in recycling the waste paper?


The stages of paper recycling:

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Paper production

We’ve been making paper for over 30 years. Our expertise involves a succession of steps from the production of paper pulp from recycled paper to the production of reels of paper.


We transport paper reels to our customers by rail, road and sometimes outside Europe across the seas.

Printing and publishing

Our newsprint is thin and very strong, making it suitable for ever-faster web presses. Printing methods depend on the end use of the paper. Our newsprint is mainly used for newspaper publishing and by retailers for printed advertisements. Once printed, the paper is cut into sheets and assembled.


Newsprint is an everyday news medium that provides readers with information, culture and entertainment. When information is important, printing it on paper is a good way to preserve it.

Collection and sorting for recycling 

Recycling increases the volume of waste that can be reused. Paper is sent to sorting centres to be separated from other non-fibrous materials. It thus becomes a raw material that can be recycled in the production of new products.