Protecting air quality

Controlling odour nuisances 

The papermaking process can result in odours being emitted from the production facilities and our wastewater treatment plant.

In 2021, during the public consultation process prior to our diversification project, we realised that local residents were bothered by odours around our site on occasion, even though very few complaints have been received by our environmental department on this subject in recent years.

We are taking advantage of the work associated with our diversification to invest in our wastewater treatment plant and in the treatment of atmospheric emissions from the paper machinery to minimise these inconveniences.

Once our new facilities are up and running, we will be carrying out a measurement campaign to check that the measures we have taken are effective.

Evaluating air quality

Atmospheric emissions from our boilers are monitored continuously by in-line sensors and quarterly by approved external companies. To assess the potential impact of atmospheric deposition around the site, a specialist laboratory measures:

norske skog golbey pictogrammes legumes

Heavy metal levels in vegetables and plants

norske skog golbey pictogrammes lait

Dioxin levels in milk from a farm located downwind

norske skog golbey interface emblem

No impact attributable to our atmospheric emissions has been identified to date, and all the results comply with health thresholds.