Dialogue, solidarity and inclusion

Social integration

We are aware that the size and international profile of our company might intimidate young people. We try to emphasise our local roots through our sponsorship of two local sports clubs (football and volleyball). We take part in their recruitment events and welcome young people from these clubs for visits, internships or work-study courses in order to promote social inclusion.

Inclusion and solidarity

We are a founder member of the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE iliha), a foundation against exclusion in the Vosges region. Its aim is to prevent and combat all forms of exclusion, discrimination and poverty. We still are a partner for the foundation: in 2022, for example, we collected donations for Ukrainian refugees under its leadership.

At the same time, we are continuing our drive for inclusion through employment, using targeted initiatives to recruit people who have been excluded from the labour market and train them in the paper industry. In 2022, 10 people who were recruited and trained through this process achieved their certificates and were hired on permanent contracts as paper operators.

Continuing employer-staff dialogue

For us, dialogue with our employees is a way of placing them at the centre of the discussions within the company.

Our Social and Economic Committee composed by staff representatives meets once a month, except in summer, to discuss the daily life and practices in the company. The high degree of transparency with which information is communicated helps to create mutually satisfactory and respectful relationships.

Our union representatives negotiate agreements using an approach based on joint construction and listening. In 2022, for example, they signed a collective performance agreement on how the organisational changes linked to our diversification project will unfold until the end of 2024.