What are the relationships between Norske Skog Golbey and its suppliers?

The value chain of our industry is made up of a succession of steps. Fulfilling all of them allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers and partners.

The Procurement function is at the forefront of this value chain. Continuous dialogue with our suppliers is essential to guarantee the quality of the products and services we deliver.

Our four procurement families

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Raw materials (recovered paper and corrugated material)

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Industrial (equipment, products, services)

The quality of the raw material

Waste paper is the main raw material for manufacturing our newsprint. In our mill, we recycle 75% of the waste paper sorted by French households. This offers the local authorities we work with an environmentally friendly and economical recovery solution.

We supplement our supplies with other sources such as unsold newspapers and magazines. These flows of paper are part of the circular economy approach.

But this raw material contains more and more non-fibrous contaminant material (plastic, metal, staples, sand, etc.). In coordination with the production and the quality departments, our Procurement team has to communicate regularly with our suppliers to avoid exceeding a certain level of contaminants, as they have an impact on the final quality of the paper we produce.

Old corrugated containers, meanwhile, will be our main raw material for manufacturing containerboard (from 2024).

At the same time, we continue to work alongside waste sorting operators to raise awareness among the general public of the importance of waste sorting.

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At Norske Skog Golbey, we source our industrial purchases within a 450 km radius of our mill.

Our industrial procurement

The main objectives of our Industrial Procurement team are to secure our supplies while controlling their budgetary impact, which is essential to ensure the viability of our business model.

In line with France’s “Supplier Relations and Responsible Procurement” charter, which we have signed, we include performance criteria covering safety, environmental commitments and CSR maturity more broadly when choosing and evaluating our suppliers.

We prioritise local suppliers wherever possible. We make 80% of our industrial purchases from suppliers located in France.

Finally, to remain a reliable and loyalsupplier, all our employees are required to respect the guide to good conduct developed by Norske Skog. This aims to guarantee fair competition and compliance with anti-corruption and anti-fraud laws. We have zero tolerance for employee behaviour that is deemed inappropriate.

Our logistics procurement 

The priority of our logistics team is to enable our mill to receive supplies and deliver shipments on time, for the best price and with the least environmental impact.

To optimise road transport, which represents around 70% of our transport, we created a joint venture at the beginning of 2015 with the Mauffrey and Coquelle groups, NorFibre Logistics, to manage our upstream and downstream flows.

Working with them, our logistics team builds transport solutions offering alternatives to road traffic. Rail transport, for example, represents around 30% of our outbound flows. This is possible thanks to our partnership with Eurorail, a railway company that coordinates transport, and our railway branch, which is connected to the national network.

The development of alternative transport solutions, such as the use of bimodal transport, is a major axis of our logistics strategy.

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Supporting the timber industry

Since the construction of our mill in the 1990s, we have built relationships of trust with our wood suppliers over the decades. We were an important customer for the local wood industry (thinning logs and sawmill byproducts).

But in 2020, to meet market and customer demand, we made the decision to stop manufacturing paper from wood. During the two-year transition, we have supported the sector to help it find alternative outlets for the volumes that we no longer take.

At the same time, Norske Skog Golbey will remain an important partner in the wood industry through it subsidiary GV Bois. This company supplies our biomass boilers with wood waste, including the GVE biomass boiler. It will also take over the supply of wood raw material to our current partners (Pavatex in particular) and future partners located at the Ecoparc.