What sporting initiatives does Norske Skog Golbey support?

The value of a company cannot be measured solely in terms of its financial results. It is also measured by the positive contribution its activity makes to society in general. Norske Skog Golbey is part of an ecosystem and chooses to be involved in a tangible way.

This includes supporting cultural events and sponsoring sports associations. We believe that sport can enable us to take a more important role in the local community. 

Much more than just placing our logo on a jersey or billboard, our aim is to support initiatives that share our values and help achieve positive change.

Football: a support for social inclusion

Football is a popular sport. It has enormous potential to instil values such as respect, team spirit and inclusion. That’s why Norske Skog Golbey has sponsored the local football club, SAS Football Epinal, for over ten years.

Our Chairman, Yves Bailly, is passionate about this sport and has been the club’s Chairman since 2013. He has instilled his vision in the club: “doing more than football, through football”.

Aware that not all young people will succeed in football, he hopes that none will miss out on their professional career. That’s why he works to forge strong links between Vosges businesses and young players, including welcoming them to our company for internships or work-study courses.

Internally, our support for the football club enables us to strengthen our corporate spirit, thanks in particular to the sporting events we enjoy taking part in (inter-company tournaments). Beyond that, this approach encourages the sharing of memorable experiences together, as in 2023, with the SAS Football Epinal’s promotion to the national championship!

Developing internal resources to prepare for the future

Norske Skog Golbey has been supporting the CAME women’s volleyball teams, of which one of our employees is a member, since 2023.

To go further than the national ranking, which in itself is a good result for a medium-sized town, the club has created a structured approach to developing volleyball among young girls, in line with our own values.

The club’s plans focus on developing young girls through sport. This approach is aligned with our fundamental work to promote equality between men and women.

We also share CAME’s values of excellence, performance and team spirit. As well as winning, the club provides its members with the keys to achieving their goals: training, of course, but also stress management, thinking ahead, understanding, concentration and respect, all of which shape the identity and personality of the players and ultimately their self-confidence to dare to try new things.

For all these reasons, we wanted to contribute to the admirable project that CAME is building.

In-house sports coaching

As well as supporting these external sports clubs, Norske Skog Golbey also sponsors internal sports initiatives and offers its employees sports coaching sessions.

We are convinced that, as well as being good for health and morale, sport contributes to inclusion and cohesion.