Our website is eco-designed 

No, your vision hasn’t deteriorated in a few clicks. Our webmasters didn’t make any mistakes in choosing the photos… They are indeed slightly pixellated, and that’s our choice!

We have decided to commit to digital sobriety by eco-designing our website, in line with our values.

Our Communication Manager and Marketing Manager explain us the reasons for this choice and its results.

We hope you will appreciate the changes. Enjoy your visit!

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Why have you revised your website?


Norske Skog Golbey is writing a new page in its history. We are the last French newsprint producer and we are diversifying into the containerboard industry. Our website therefore had to be modified to include this new activity.

Célia, my colleague in charge of marketing, and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to review our website, which had been designed in 2015. We both agreed that the website had to embody our values and to be eco-responsible.

norske skog golbey actualites Noarske Skog Golbey 2023 Carbon Footprint

Why did you want to lower the carbon footprint of your website?

And why not? We’re an industrial site and the reduction of our carbon footprint is essentially driven by our engineers and technicians, who improve our processes, optimize our energy consumption and provide low-carbon transport solutions.

Cyrielle and I are committed to sustainable development. We wanted to make our (small) contribution and ensure that our website is in line with the work done by our colleagues.

How did you proceed?

We started by learning more about low-carbon communication and sustainable communication. We tried to gather the best practices, in order to draw up a set of specifications that was realistic. We didn’t want to create a “white elephant” project.

We then sent these specifications to several local agencies. Here again, working with agencies close to our mill is in line with our values. Why look in Paris, Metz or Strasbourg when there are efficient and creative service providers just thirty kilometers from the mill?

We compared the various offers received and chose Lézards Création, based in Remiremont.

What are the main changes?

We first switched our hosting provider to o2switch, which offers the following guarantees and commitments:

  • the servers are located in France, to be as close as possible to our core target,
  • a location of the data centers (90%) that favors the use of low-carbon energy,
  • an approach, that is consistent with our own CSR approach: local purchasing, sorting, recycling and recovering of their old equipment,
  • a policy to increase the energy efficiency,
  • a commitment to raising the environmental awareness of the employees (green mobility, training in eco-actions)

norske skog golbey actualites Nouveau regime

You say you’ve put your website “on a diet”. Why?

The images have been compressed as much as possible, which is why they are slightly pixellated. For our videos, we’ve favored links to our Youtube channel rather than an upload of the same videos in two different places. We’ve also banned the principle of automatic video playback.

We’ve also reviewed the structure of the website, opting for a minimalist menu. We revised all the content to reduce the number of pages by 4! The functionalities were optimized and reduced to the essentials.

We also lightened the pages as much as possible to reduce the flow of data sent to the servers and to reduce their weight, thus limiting the energy spent on storing them.

The agency was challenged on the coding and on reducing the volume of requests to the servers.

Which feature are you most proud of?

The website has been completely transformed. It’s clearer, more intuitive and easier to use. The challenge was to ensure that, despite the specifications, the website is user-friendly and meets our communication objectives and targets.

Our website has been designed for all our target audiences, all users, and in particular visitors with disabilities. It enables mouse-free navigation via the keyboard, display adjustment, color and contrast modification, and image and video playback. We’ve also added the “AccessiBe” function (bottom right of the screen) to enable visitors with disabilities to customize the display of our website to suit their disability.

How can our company be inclusive if disabled people can’t access the information they’re looking for from our website?

How do you know if your website has improved its environmental performance?

Prior to the changes, we carried out an audit of our former website using the Eco-Index, which measures the environmental performance of the pages. It works on the same principle as the labelling on washing machines, assigning a score ranging from A to G.

In December 2023, our old website had an average score of F. Today (April 2024), our new website has an average score of B.

This index allows us to concretely measure that all the actions implemented have been effective! Of course, we still have some way to go to achieve an “A” score, but that is a first step.

Célia and I are well aware that this initiative is just a drop in our overall footprint. But if it can raise awareness of the importance of a digital sobriety and can inspire other Business Units in our group or other manufacturers, then we will in a way achieve one of our objectives.

In the meantime, our engineering colleagues are continuing to work on optimizing our carbon footprint. We look forward to seeing you in June, for the publication of our yearly “Environmental Performance” booklet!

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